Colchester Cycling Campaign

We are Colchester Cycling Campaign and we want to make it easier for people aged 8 to 80 to ride a bike to work, school, the shops or just to meet friends. We press our councils to provide better infrastructure and conditions for everyday cyclists, with funds coming from public expenditure and companies involved in new developments.

Colchester Cycling Campaign is shaping the future for everyday cycling in Colchester. We want to see Dutch or Danish-quality infrastructure that will encourage more people to ride.

CCC are a little unconventional in that we're a "democracy by participation", so if you want a say, get involved by writing letters, talking to councillors or running a stall.

We were founded in 1990 and our successes include helping to establish the Wivenhoe Trail, putting in two major trails as part of the £4.2m Colchester Cycling Town project, and securing hugely improved bike parking at Colchester railway station.


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