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  • TRAF/7506 - One Way - St Nicholas Street, Colchester

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    he Essex County Council (St Nicholas Street, Colchester) (One Way) Order 202*Statement of ReasonsSummary of the LocationSt Nicholas Street, Colchester, illustrated on drawingref. 169_HAT_GA_110 Rev. B.Reasons for the Proposed ChangesThis one-way restriction is part of a wider public realm improvement project proposed by Colchester Borough Council for the area around St Nicholas Square. For details of the proposed development, visit their webpage of the Proposed ChangesTo enhance the public realm in St Nicholas Square, and minimise carriageway to create enhanced footways and space availablefor outdoor seating. The key aims of the St Nicholas Square project are to:• Create a more pedestrian friendly environment, less dominated by car anddelivery traffic• Create more outdoor seating space for cafés and restaurants to spill out• Createspace for market stalls and events to happen• Ensure the space is accessible to all usersA number of local Councillors have been supportive of the scheme and the overall ambition to create a more pedestrian friendly and open square, which supports local businesses through the creation of more external seating areas, more space for markets and events, and increased footfall in the long term.CBC have secured central government funding enabling the project to move forward.

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  • Crouch Street West contraflow spur used as further parking

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    The, albeit contrived, design expects cyclists travelling East (from or across Rawstorn Rd.) into Crouch Street to use this spur to cross to the opposite ("shared use") pavement to avoid the angled parking along the North side of the street.  Unsurprisingly, the spur isn't well used, while the short stay spaces are often full, so the spur is regularly used for parking.

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  • Cyclist access to Maldon Road from Creffield Road

    Created by Stuart Johnson // 1 thread

    Currently there is no entry from Creffield Road to Maldon Road, this means cyclists have to divert via Inglis Road which is a poor junction for cyclists. A request has been submitted for changes to the juction to let cyclists enter Maldon Road from Creffield Road. It's understood that Cllr Sue Lissimore has subimtted this to the Local Highways Panel (LHP).

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