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  • CC/TEN/94/20/SPO EIA Scoping Opinion Request for new A120 and A133 link road

    Created by Steven Moseley // 0 threads

    EIA Scoping Opinion Request for a new link road between the A120 and A133 comprising dual two-lane carriageway; at grade junction connecting the proposed link road to the A133; two potential intermediate roundabout locations giving access between Allen’s Farm and the Garden Community development, and Tye Road (NW) and the Garden Community development; an underpass for future proposed Rapid Transit System and a diverted public right of way (PRoW); one grade separated dumbbell junction (two roundabouts linked by a single bridge) connecting the link road to the A120; new access road to Colchester Waste Transfer Station north west of the proposed A120 junction; and new two-way access to an existing petrol station west of the proposed A120 junction

    Land between the A120 and A133, to the east of Colchester and west of Elmstead Market


    Application reference : CC/TEN/94/20/SPO

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  • A120 to A133 Link Road and Rapid Transit System

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    "Linking the A120 and A133 with a new road will unlock land to provide housing and business space, improving connectivity locally and within the wider region. It will serve a new Park and Choose site and manage traffic congestion going to Colchester Town Centre, the University of Essex and its Knowledge Gateway Technology and Research Park.

    A Rapid Transit System that will prioritise public transport on a key route through Colchester. It will enable housing and business growth, allowing new and existing residents to benefit from frequent, high-quality, reliable transport connecting to the key destinations within the town. These types of system have proved successful in other towns and cities, helping create a shift away from car travel. A recently implemented example of this is the Belfast Rapid Transit Glider.

    The system will service a new Park and Choose site on the proposed new community east of Colchester and help to better connect future growth areas with the rest of the town."

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