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  • 210303

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    Full planning application for a two-storey temporary school building (640m2) and single-storey admin block (66m2) for Trinity School at Gilberd School as part of Alpha Trust including minor alterations to landscaping + hard standing.

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  • Former ABRO site

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    The ABRO site (now called the DSG) forms part of the Defence Estate and was used as a military vehicle repair facility. The site was vacated in about 2019 and has not been used since that time. The Defence Estates have decided to dispose of the site as it is no longer required for military purposes.

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  • ESNEFT Elective Orthopaedic Centre

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) are preparing two planning  applications for a proposed Elective Orthopaedic Centre and Northern Approach Road access at Colchester Hospital, Turner Road, Colchester. The public is invited to comment on the development proposals in a consultation between 1 March and 12 March 2021.

    The detailed elements of the works involved with the Elective Orthopaedic Centre comprise:

    • Demolition of the Mary Barron building, Cardiac Catheterisation Unit and administrative block, part‐demolition of the Elmstead Day Unit (Endoscopy Unit only) and removal of staff car park F
    • Erection of a three‐storey building and roof top plant to serve as an Elective Orthopaedic Centre, that will comprise up to eight theatres and 75 beds
    • Creation of a new loop road to allow for ambulance bays and a patient drop-off area
    • Creation of a new pedestrian footway
    • Soft landscaping and ancillary works.

    The detailed elements of the works involved with the Northern Approach Road access comprise:

    • Creation of a new vehicular, cycle and pedestrian access point into Colchester Hospital via Northern Approach to the west
    • Inclusion of a new signal‐controlled junction to facilitate the access
    • Creation of a bus gate at the existing junction with Turner Road
    • Amendments to the entry and exit arrangement for the main visitor car park to allow access from the south via Turner Road and Northern Approach, and an exit to the north via Turner Road only
    • Removal and re‐provision of landscaping to the north and south of the proposed access point, to allow for the widening of Northern Approach to enable vehicles to enter and exit the site and provide for adequate visibility splays.

    The new Northern Approach Road access point is proposed to be located to the south‐western corner of the site, and will create a clearer, more legible and direct access for staff, patients and visitors from the strategic network in line with other local hospitals in Essex, and will provide improved highway safety and environmental benefits to residents residing along Turner Road, as well as encouraging improved sustainable travel behaviours.

    More information on the plans can be downloaded here

    Your views are very important to help us develop our proposals. Please use the SurveyMonkey comments form here, or alternatively email your response direct to Sam Hazell

    The consultation period will run from Monday 1 March 2021 until 5.00pm on Friday 12 March 2021.

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  • PA_191581_BartCt

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    "When Colchester council approved the plan, in about 2007, it insisted that all private motor traffic enter and leave the estate via an access on to the A134 (Cordelia Drive), near to the A12 but at the farthest point from the town centre. ...

    A year ago, the developers, Mersea Homes and Countryside, decided they didn't like this arrangement and applied to scrap the bus gate. They hedged their bets and also asked to move the bus gate into their estate, giving 160 homes access to Mile End Road. 

    Colchester council rejected the scrapping of the bus gate but granted a temporary access for five years to be covered by a legal agreement. 

    The developers decided to go to appeal." (blog)

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  • Middlewick

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is investing in new military firing range capabilities for Colchester Garrison which will release Middlewick Ranges for disposal. This presents an opportunity for the site to contribute towards Colchester’s need for new housing, and the land has been identified in the draft Colchester Local Plan as being suitable for up to 1,000 new homes and supporting local infrastructure.

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  • South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP)

    Created by Steven Moseley // 0 threads

    Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) were set up by Government in 2011 to identify and support local strategic growth priorities, encourage business investment and promote economic development. This approach puts businesses in the driving seat and empowers the private sector to determine its own priorities.

    The South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) is a genuine partnership for growth between business, government and education. We put the role of enterprise – as the driving motor of the economy – at the heart of everything we do; and we work in partnership with central government and its key agencies to pursue and attract major investment into the South East to deliver significant economic growth.

    One of 38 LEPs established by the government, our role is to forge a partnership which properly understands the economic challenges and opportunities of our area, encourage an environment which delivers prosperity and to be directly accountable to local people and local businesses. LEPs decide what the priorities should be for investment in roads, buildings, and facilities in the area as part of an integrated approach to growth and infrastructure delivery.

    We represent the largest LEP area in England outside London, in terms of population and economic output, and cover an area encompassing the local authority areas of East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and Thurrock.

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  • Transport East, Sub-National Transport Body

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    In March 2018 Transport East was launched, as a new Sub-National Transport Body to deliver a collective vision for the future of transport in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock.

    As a partnership, we bring together the local transport and planning authorities, and business leaders with Network Rail and Highways England. We enable the region to speak with one voice on the transport investment needed to drive transformational growth and improve the quality of life for all that live and work in the region.

    Why do we need Transport East?

    As one of seven Sub-national Transport Bodies covering England, Transport East will develop a Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan for the region which ensures that transport fully supports its members shared ambitions for economic growth, quality of life and prosperity.

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  • Colchester Business Improvement District (BID), "Our Colchester"

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    Our Colchester Business Improvement District (BID) is an organisation that represents more than 400 businesses across Colchester town centre and aims to make a difference to our streets. By building relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders across the town, we see Colchester moving in a positive direction through Invigorating, Imagination and Connecting.

    Our projects over the next five year will be targeted towards making Colchester a better place to work, live and visit. We will add value through business support, making Colchester cleaner and greener, town centre marketing and events.

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  • Colchester General Hospital

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    The General is Colchester's District Hospital and has an A&E department.  Over time it has agglomerated services from the various sites across Colchester that have closed, including those on Lexden Road and on Severalls.

    The transport challenges the Hospital faces include that:

    • its main vehicle access is on a residential road
    • although it is serviced by bus routes it is not near or well integrated with transport hubs
    • local cycling provision is poor and in particular the junctions around North Station amount to a significant barrier to cyclists travelling from South Colchester

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  • Reserved land adjacent to Northern Approach Road

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    When Northern Approach Road was built land was set aside with a view to providing segregated bus lanes in the future.  It's not clear what current plans are, if any exist.

    Provision for cyclists should also be made on what is an important route between the Town Centre and North Station, and the Hospital, Mile End, the A12 J28 Park and Ride, and Severalls Business Park.  e.g. Cambridge's Guided Busway also has a shared use path alongside.

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  • The Safer Essex Roads Partnership

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) has brought together the three local authority areas of Essex County Council, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Thurrock Council to provide a road safety service across ‘Greater Essex’.

    The other SERP partners are Essex Police, Essex Fire and Rescue Service, Highways England, The Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust, The East of England NHS Trust and The Safer Roads Foundation.

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  • CC/TEN/94/20/SPO EIA Scoping Opinion Request for new A120 and A133 link road

    Created by Steven Moseley // 0 threads

    EIA Scoping Opinion Request for a new link road between the A120 and A133 comprising dual two-lane carriageway; at grade junction connecting the proposed link road to the A133; two potential intermediate roundabout locations giving access between Allen’s Farm and the Garden Community development, and Tye Road (NW) and the Garden Community development; an underpass for future proposed Rapid Transit System and a diverted public right of way (PRoW); one grade separated dumbbell junction (two roundabouts linked by a single bridge) connecting the link road to the A120; new access road to Colchester Waste Transfer Station north west of the proposed A120 junction; and new two-way access to an existing petrol station west of the proposed A120 junction

    Land between the A120 and A133, to the east of Colchester and west of Elmstead Market


    Application reference : CC/TEN/94/20/SPO

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  • Wellesley Road

    Created by Will Bramhill // 1 thread

    1960s roadbuilding seared through the town. Modern road planners have already provided a good toucan crossing between Wellesley Road and Crouch Street West across Southway/Lexden Road. Providing a better ramp from Wellesley Road would help facilitate this. 

    Essex Housing is redeveloping the Essex County Hospital site as housing. The company has agreed various cycling measures as part of this scheme. It has allocated £25,000 towards remodelling the Wellesley Road/Creffield Road/Maldon Road junction. Gwyn Owen, head of Essex Housing, has agreed that any money left over can be put towards a new, wider ramp. There may also be funds from the Local Highways Panel.

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